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No, we do not; we have now set up links with in Barcelona and Bilbao, also Macke Moto’s in Arles: however it would be down to supplier and yourself to arrange all details. Information on the web.
Sadly we cannot predict the weather, normally the summers are very good, cooler in May/June getting warmer and then hotter into August. So the choice is yours!
Not yet, it maybe sensible to carry one on the bike, but at this moment the law does not come in until 2013! Watch this space!
Yes from July 1st 2012, however there is a major shortage in the supply and they are impossible to get hold of! Delay until November 2012 so hopefully supply and demand will be met! Will need them for 2013.
In a car yes, where are you going to fit this on a bike! I have never been asked to show one!
Good idea to carry a small kit, plasters, sting cream etc but that’s it.
Yes very important to carry your documents with you when out and about. Log book, Insurance, Licence and any break down information i.e. phone number etc.
Yes mostly, however a few in the outback may not, in this situation wait for a local to turn up and offer them cash to top up your tank, 99% will do this for you.
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